FMEA, Testing, Monitoring and Diagnosis (on-board and off-board) are typical applications. 


Representing knowledge explicitly and formally makes it accessible independently of
  • persons,
  • time, and
  • location.

At the core of a corporate technological knowledge base we find models of the products and processes associated with them. In order to be general and therefore re-usable, these models must obscure neither basic principles achieving the actual functioning of devices nor their explicitly stated intended uses behind irrelevant detail. Qualitative models are the key for achieving this goal.

OCC'M offers
  • Software components for model-based systems
  • Consulting especially for building qualitative models of technical devices

About OCC'M
The company was founded in 1995 by Oskar Dressler and Peter Struss. They have been building model-based systems for industrial applications since the mid 1980s. 

Their experience in industrial problems includes

  • thyristor circuits,
  • high voltage power networks,
  • ballast water tank systems in off-shore platforms,
  • mechatronic car subsystems, and
  • photo copiers

  The company name is derived from a former Munich citizen: William of Ockham. He is famous in philosophy and analytic logic for a principle known as Occam's Razor that also plays a major role in modern model-based diagnosis. A wider audience may notice similarities to William of Baskerville in Umberto Eco's best-selling 'Il Nome della Rosa'.

Jun 2005 Generating instead of Programming Diagnostics (pdf, 235 KB)

Feb 2004 Auf dem Weg zum selbst-diagnostizierenden Fahrzeug (pdf, 13 KB)

AI Magazine

Model-based Systems in the Automotive Industry (pdf, 702 KB)

MIT Enterprise Technology Review

Der Geist in der Maschine (pdf, 271KB)
Immobots take Control (pdf, 421 KB)
Immobots take Control (online version, pdf 157KB)

Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) 

Advances in Design and Implementation of OBD Functions for Diesel Injection Based on a Qualitative Approach to Diagnosis (pdf, 665 KB)